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Overall Personalized Rating: 3.7/5 (Good)

Overall Personalized Rating: 3.7/5 (Good)


By making it easy to compare carriers and quotes, HomeInsurance.net is one of the most convenient sites for home insurance shopping. With your coverage and budget needs in mind, this site can find you the best carrier options available within just a few minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Lets homeowners compare several insurance carriers and quotes in one convenient place
  • Free and easy-to-use insurance shopping option
  • Licensed professionals available to assist you

Ratings Summary

Ratings Highlights

Overall Rating
HomeInsurance.net is a free-to-use site that works with homeowners to find them low-cost coverage that meets their needs.
HomeInsurance.net will find you the lowest prices possible among the carriers they work with.
Online Experience
Once you enter your information, you'll be given multiple quotes from a variety of carriers. You can then look into the ones you're most interested in.
Financial Strength
HomeInsurance.net works with the top carriers in home insurance, so you can expect to have plenty of options that have the financial strength you're looking for.
Product Breadth
Your bundling options will depend on the carrier you choose.
Best for Claims
Claims are handled directly by the carrier, so results will vary depending on which one you go with.

Company Background

HomeInsurance.net is an insurance comparison site that allows customers to compare a variety of carriers conveniently and quickly. Whether you want to shop for insurance online or over the phone with a licensed professional, this site makes it easy to find providers that can work with both your budget and your coverage needs.